Love is funny, not like Abbott and Costello, funny in a peculiar sense. It has been defined countless times, yet it is so open to interpretation it can confuse the greatest minds who have ever wandered the earth.

Poets seem to wax lyrical about the word if their writings are anything to consider and I suppose I’m no different. No matter how confused the interpretation may be love is a theme that runs through art across the board, love songs, love movies and poetry is certainly no different.

So I sat myself down to write a love poem, it may not have red roses or blue violets and I wouldn’t necessarily place it in the middle of a Valentine’s Card but this is my love poem which I called Spit Me Out.


Wrap me up

Cook me up

Wake me up

And chew me up

Just please will you spit me out?

I’m tangled up

Caught up

All tied up

And chewed up

Please darling would you spit me out?

Hold me up

Speed me up

Let me up

Fuck me up

I’m all chewed up

Please my love can you spit me out?

I’m torn up

Been ripped up

Smashed up

And completely fucked up

So chew me on up

But please baby will you spit me back out?