Sometimes running is easier than walking especially when you’re trying to leave something behind. Whether you’re running from the school gates or running from the work place. I’m not talking about jogging around the block, I’m speaking on: running like you no longer want to be anywhere you’ve been. I’m talking about running from the person trying to steal your shit or running from the police chasing you because of the shit you stole and you don’t want to be swallowed up whole. Maybe a person can become so used to running they no longer know how to stand still. Fight or flight may be a concept people are familiar with, a theory presented by Walter Cannon…well I always used to want to fight but when you’ve fought enough flying can become the most sensible thing to do, it could also be the dumbest thing to do…isn’t life fucking hilarious?


I run like the Hudson River

Cheeks are warm but my body shivers

I’m falling like a cut down tree

The amazon to the floors of the factory

Need oxygen in order to breathe

If heaven’s so great why did you leave?

I run like that broken tap

Eventually falling into the devil’s lap

Legs feel fast but they’re also stuck

Trying to move forward like an advancing rook

Melting like chocolate in the sun

Finding new ways to find everyone

I run like a greyhound chasing a rabbit

Doesn’t mean it’s bad just because it’s a habit

Falling lower than the Dead Sea

Reading mythology to connect with reality

In a boat off the coast

Searching for Hemingway’s ghost

I run like a chicken with no head

Falling like the mourned dead

Anchored like the Queen Mary

Thoughts appear clear but seem contrary

Like the Rocky Mountains and the New York skyline

Like a three-hundred dollar bottle of corked wine