Maybe I’m naïve, perhaps I’ve got my head in the clouds, but life to me seems simpler than we make it. I’m not a religious man, not a great believer but I always believed it wasn’t too difficult to love our neighbors. Sure, it can seem tricky sometimes, especially when our neighbors act like dicks but who amongst us has not acted like a dick at one point or another? People are complex and confusing but we all seek love in our own ways, some of those ways may be a little more fucked up than others but imagine if instead of casting judgements we were able to walk in each other’s shoes, but other people’s shoes don’t tend to fit so easy. So maybe I don’t have to feel what you feel and you don’t have to feel what I feel to exhibit love. I’m just saying we all come from some place, we’ve all experienced some things and we all have stories to share, it’s easier to listen than to fight. Maybe if we listen we can at least understand. Maybe we would then appreciate our differences and embrace our similarities. I don’t think it’s empathy we need, I think we need compassion. I may never truly understand your struggle and you may never understand mine but I’m willing to learn, I’m willing to listen and I’m willing to love even when the hour may be at its darkest.


It’s a daydream

Of a far-off place

Where all is as it seems

And nothing’s a waste

We’re all one team

Sharing the same face

Love is easy to find

And the truth is easy to tell

No backs to talk behind

Nobody threatening hell

Don’t need a reason to be kind

Some place where good news sells

Somewhere hunger is a choice to make

You’re respected for who you are

All is real and no-one’s fake

An honesty box at your local bar

People give but you don’t need to take

All is close and nothing’s too far

I guess it’s a daydream

Of some make-believe place

I’m tired of nothing being as it seems

Surrounded by everything we waste

Like we’re competing teams

Hiding behind the lies on our face