It has come to my attention that despite my greatest efforts to write some sort of poem which could be considered romantic, I often fail miserably, not because I don’t care for love and such notions, I often begin writing a poem with the intention of penning some great love story but I’m typically seduced by the concept of melancholy before I reach the end. Most of my intended love poems end in betrayal, deceit, unreturned feelings or untimely death. However, I may have finally achieved my goal of writing something which could be considered to at least resemble a love poem. I’m not saying you should scribble it down in a Valentine’s card but this is as close as I may ever come. So for all you lovers reading this, enjoy and anyone repulsed by such writing craving a more melancholic conclusion merely replace the last line with the following… let me be the one you wished would have stayed.Never let it be said I don’t offer alternative endings.


Let me be the roll to your rock

Let me be the stitching in your frock

The finest ship secured at your dock

The threading holding together your socks

Let me be the little bird inside your cuckoo clock

Don’t want to be your bars closing time

Don’t want to be the sound of your mime

The victim of your most recent crime

The glitch in your newest design

Let me be your always I don’t want to be your sometimes

Let me be the tonic in your gin

Let me be the strings on your sweet violin

Carry me like I’m your dorsal fin

Wear me like I’m your greatest grin

Let me be your dizziness whenever your world spins

Let me be the blues you play

Let me be the night behind your day

Don’t want to be just a word you say

Don’t want to be the one who got away

Let me be the one who’ll always stay