If they gave out qualifications in making a fool out of yourself…I’d be more qualified than any doctor. I’ve been practicing the art since before I could walk and once I learned to talk, the game was officially over. I don’t mind so much, fools tend to at least spread some laughter or entertainment which is hard to come by sometimes. I remember once falling over a curb in front of a tour bus full of people near the Hollywood sign, my jeans were to tight to lift my foot fully over the curb. Thankfully the tourists had their cameras ready so the moment can live on long beyond I’m able to. I once tried to order a pizza in a chocolate shop in the south of Spain because I misunderstood a poster outside, it wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t so adamant that they sold pizza. I’ve been a fool in life but never as much as I’ve been a fool in love but that’s another story, in fact that’s a few more stories for different days.


I met her a year too early

Said goodbye a year too late

I never found a way

To make time wait

Made a fool of myself again

Trying to take myself so seriously

I wish I could go back to previously

To reconstruct this new reality

I met her a year too soon

Said goodbye long after I should

I never thought I could

Make something so bad feel so good

Made a fool of myself today

Trying too hard not to seem fine

I’m outside all of the lines

Forgotten how to read any signs