The only time I tend to see commercials these days is if I’m watching something live, which is much rarer than it used to be. However, I still do watch some things live, normally it’s some sporting event where a bunch of guys are running around in relation to some form of ball, sometimes there’s a net and the net is attached to some posts or a hoop, occasionally there’s no net just some posts and lines on a field, often there’s a ball and the ball doesn’t have to be round but it can be. It is normally when I’m viewing one of these spectacles that commercials are unavoidable. During one of these breaks I came up with the idea for this poem which resulted in me no longer paying attention to whatever game I was idly viewing. I’d say the poem was more serious than what I was watching but when I looked up to the T.V. some guy was being stretchered off with a concussion and I can’t say I put myself in any risk of a concussion writing this following piece, so who’s to say which is more serious?


Commercial on my T.V. screen

Trying to sell it’s shit to me

Shit I wouldn’t buy

Even if I had some money

Yet still they try

To make me laugh or cry

Try to sweeten me up like honey

Commercial on my T.V. screen

Telling me what shit I need

To purchase before I die

Geckos, nodding dogs and energizer bunnies

Life insurance, pretzel burgers and an apple pie

National pride and a fucking lie

God, those adds are funny

Commercial on my T.V. screen

Making my eyes start to bleed

I don’t want to buy what you’re selling

Just want to buy what I need