The following poem is called Love is Meant to be Caring. I don’t know if love is meant to be anything, maybe it just is whatever it is. I’ve heard many theories on the notion of love and I’ve listened to many people use the word love in many different ways. Some of those ways don’t seem like love at all, at least to me, but I guess love is confusing and I suppose it’s at least meant to be caring in some regard.


Crosses are for bearing

Thoughts are for sharing

Love is meant to be caring

Despite it being despairing

I don’t know how well I’m fairing

But at least I’ve been daring

To leave my heart on my sleeve for wearing

Your eyes have me staring

But I’m sorry for glaring

And for the speech I was preparing

I just thought we were beyond repairing

And my heart was tearing

So to the heaven’s I began swearing

When I started comparing

Which began my judgement impairing

Because my thoughts were only good for scaring

That we weren’t the right pairing

I’m finding my bearings

And I’m standing declaring

With music from a stereo blaring

Lines end up blurring

When tempers get to flaring

And the white noise becomes overbearing

Love is meant to be caring