Life can ride along easy and it can feel like you’re floating on the crest of a wave, life can be heavy and it can feel like your body is buried in the sand and you’re waiting for a seagull to land but you’re unable to move and not sure what to do. I suppose this following poem is more about that heavy feeling. Maybe it’s more about the light feeling, it can be hard to tell sometimes especially when it is the dreams of floating weightlessly keeping you buried in the first place. It’s also about tic tacs and minty fresh breath.


Short of breath

Clutching my chest

Just another panic attack

From all the guidance I lack

Try not to care

Holding onto the night air

It’s going to be okay

Doesn’t feel as bad as yesterday

When I was watching the news

And everyone seemed utterly confused

And I just had to sit

Listening to some politician’s bullshit

Saw through his lies

And all the words he used as a disguise

Issuing his crooked demands

With a magician’s sleight of hand

A misdirection so we don’t look

At him only pretending to give a fuck

It’s all too much

I’m losing touch

Don’t remember how it used to feel

When I was still so young

And didn’t know how to bite my tongue

When I used to eat tic tacs like tic tacs

Now I’ve traded tic tacs for Prozac

Just another sad clown

Trying my best to calm down