Everyone has their own path, I don’t think that path is pre-determined not in a fatalistic sort of way anyway. We have decisions to make and normally those decisions are made long before we’re wise enough to make the right ones, although sometimes we do make the right decision, if there is such a thing. The things I appreciate today are not necessarily the things I appreciated when I was eighteen although some things have never changed. The following poem is about a person who knew what she wanted, which I’ll always admire. Sometimes what you want isn’t what people want for you but if you know you want it, go get it.


Chloe was quiet

But did what was required

For her voice to be heard

Sat alone in a cafeteria

Didn’t meet the criteria

To become head cheerleader

She was truly fearless

Without too many friends

She hid behind a paper and a pen

Aware of all the trends

And what each of them meant

Chloe would write it all down

Capturing every smile and frown

Ready to leave her small town

Colleges calling

And her phone did ring

But it didn’t mean anything

To the bird refusing to sing

She traded all of her certificates

For minimum wage and her own sake

Chloe didn’t want to be just anywhere

She wanted to raise money for a bus fare

To buy a ticket out to nowhere

Said she dreamed of living

Some place she’d no longer need to be forgiving

Some place pure

Some place where she’d be done no wrong

Pain had followed her for too damn long

In the end

She never wanted to hear the word sorry again