Hopscotch and Duck Duck Goose

The children play free

Hope and wonder in their eyes

Giggling and running around the nursery

The teacher calms them down

And splits them into groups of three

Giving each child a canvas

With the outline of a flag drawn identically

Each group is given one set of paints

To share like they’d been taught to do

Make the painting look real

Let the colors be true

Must work together

To see the project through

Taking it in turns

To paint the red white and blue

Each painting must be completed

Before the milk is poured and a story is recited

Have to see the big picture

No time to be short sighted

Must be considerate need to patient

Can’t afford to get overexcited

The only way to succeed

Is to work together united

Each and every child managed to complete

From the quiet kids to the class clowns

Children eventually grow and life begins to take hold

Business suits and wedding gowns

Overalls and working boots new children are born

Brand new cities and the same old town

Fighting like dogs in a rat race

Turning the flag they once painted upside down

They say we’re in this together

Too many people like forgotten flecks

Broken off from the whole

Cast aside like jokers in a 52 card deck

Dreams of equality

Taking a vicious reality check

Another white racist cop

With his knee on a black man’s neck

1619, 1793, 1831 and 1861

1865, 1869, 1909 and 1916

1941, 1954, 1955 and the sixties

The 1960s

’78, ’92, ’95, ’08 and 2020

And every day in between each of these dates

Land of the free

Remembering that freedom has always had to wait

If it’s in God we trust and God is love

Why is it so easy to hate?

Hand in hand supposed to stand united

Welcome to America’s Divided States

Don’t walk out on me yet

Truth can hurt but lies infect

Especially when the lies are spoken

By the politicians we elect

I don’t think people need much

Some love and mutual respect

Not another racist motherfucker

Hiding behind serve and protect

Sick of injustice

Feel like we’ve turned back the clock

Another black man shot or suffocated

Another warrant served with no knock

Malcolm X in his wisdom once said

“We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock landed on us” 

The government made tea out of hemlock

Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice

Too many people needlessly deceased

Walter Scott, Alton Stirling and Philando Castile

Dead by the hands of the police

Stephon Clarke, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd 

People all over the world took to their knees

United people marched through the streets

Trying to protest and demonstrate in peace

From Australia to England

From Hollywood to Times Square

Wanting to show unity and togetherness

Needing to make people aware

Rubber bullets fired into a crowd

Tear gas filling the air

All the mace in the world

Couldn’t create more tears than the tears already there

Speaking out and speaking loud

No more voice left to become hoarse

Trying to speak wanting to talk

But the President was ready to endorse

The police to react

With all their excessive force

Igniting the flames and fueling the fire

From the safety of his Mar-a-Lago golf course

Contaminated by Agent Orange

A sickness making the world ill

A pretend President wanting to devour us all

Left in the belly of the beast like forgotten krill

Before the door would lock behind him

He had another act of ill will

Sent all of his followers

To storm Capitol Hill

Intruders smashed the windows

Broke into offices and scaled the walls

Unlike the peaceful protests

There seemed to be no police at all

When it was time for the angry white people

To charge through the National Mall

It’s taken so long just to walk

But it seems we still don’t know how to crawl

I’m painting a flag on a canvas

Sharing my paint and it’s getting late

But the time has to be now

No time to waste while we wait

If God is great and God is love

Why is it so easy to hate?

Hand in hand want to stand united

Welcome to America’s Divided States