Each of our lives are made up of a series of events that run on from one another, they are interconnected and intertwined, each event inseparable from another, though as time passes our mind breaks these events into memories, sometimes like stand alone short movies or simply a series of freeze frames. Seldom do we ever recognize the change as it’s occurring. One day hair began to appear on my face and all of a sudden it had grown into a beard, I don’t know which day one would consider my facial hair a full beard, its growth was gradual and the process passed me by. Maybe if you’ve been in love (whatever that may mean) perhaps the love felt instant, if you believe in love at first sight, but I suspect the feeling was gradual or at least the authentication of the emotion was gradual from the instant infatuation, the same applies for whenever that love starts to dissipate, much like an eroding rock. I don’t remember the moment it eroded, I just know it’s not there anymore and I still remember it being there, but the events were continuous, time never stopped it kept rolling on and turned the feature film into my head into a series of short films with non sequiturs.


Cold night air

Need to take a seat

Still feel my fingers in her hair

Memories are played on repeat

Pull up a chair

Get off this dead end street

Pour a glass of Eagle Rare

Let it rest nice and neat

Wish I didn’t care

About victory or defeat

Want to play fair

Turned by her deceit

Let my thoughts impair

Till I lose my feet

She’s no longer there

And I’m broken and beat