I’ve been spending more and more time lost in thought, maybe it’s a blessing, perhaps it’s a curse, depends on what the thought is. Whether I’m considering the future or reflecting on the past, the view from wherever I’m looking is never accurate. I guess that also depends on the glasses I’m wearing, sometimes such darkness appears lighter than it ever was and vice versa. Occasionally everything feels possible, other times the possible appears completely impossible and I’m standing in quicksand as opposed to just standing on a beach. I called this poem Thinking About Me I could have called it something else, but I didn’t.


Sat inside a Hollywood diner

Talking about leaving on an ocean liner

Sailing the seven seas

Just the ocean and little old me

Lost inside my imagination

Speaking about all my frustrations

I damned near choked

When I realized I misspoke

To a long legged lady friend of mine

She told me it was fine

But I wanted to go backwards in time

Turn myself into some sort of mime

Create a whole new act

Out of the discretion I lacked

Words are too easy to misread

And innocence is too easy to plead

So I bought a fine-tooth comb

And walked myself on home

Put paint all over my face

In search of a new dream to chase

Tried to figure out what I missed the most

Drew a map to find its ghost

The ink would quickly fade

On every drawing I made

Didn’t know what to do

Recycled thoughts acting brand new

Balcony in my hotel room

A potted plant beginning to bloom

If only I could reverse myself

Maybe I’d be in good health

Perhaps I’d be dancing around

Jumping up and down

Running in a straight line

Instead of the circles I made mine

There’s salt in my eyes

And some truth in my lies

But I don’t feel a thing

No melody whenever I sing

Just some words spoken in monotone

Like I’m standing completely alone

There’s a letter in my nightstand

I wrote it by hand

Read it when I’m dead and gone

It isn’t addressed to anyone

So please read it aloud

And pretend to be proud

I’m ready to set sail

Full of life and ghostly pale

Didn’t mean to make you feel bad

Don’t want to leave you feeling sad

But I’m finally free

To do some more thinking about me