Sometimes when I put words together I draw inspiration from whatever is in front of me, occasionally I draw inspiration from memory and sometimes I just make some shit up. Despite how a poem comes about I like to think my words are truthful in some form or another, the story may be autobiographical or it may be about someone else or it may be some fictional tale altogether, the meaning is always honest. The following is a poem I wrote in December called the January Blues.


Christmas came and went

I skipped the service

Didn’t take the Sacrament

Wasn’t nervous

Just didn’t want to go

Rode the wave

Of my own Christmas show

Nothing left to save

So it didn’t matter anyway

Head’s still in some fog

From celebrating Christmas Day

Gift unwrapping turkey eating and oh sweet eggnog

Temporary peace on earth

Winning more than I lose

Forgot what love was worth

I’ve got the January blues

Goodbye to goodwill to all men

Phone ringing off the hook

Adding six and seven trying to make ten

Impatience everywhere I look

No more season’s greetings

Just another day with no name

And a whole bunch of meetings

They all sound the same

Making false resolutions

Hoping they’ll make me feel better

They’re only fake solutions

Wearing an ordinary sweater

No snowmen or St Nick

Only undecorated wool

Can’t eat till I feel sick

Have to pretend my life is full

Trying to get it all right

But I’m missing all the clues

So I’ll be wrong tonight

With my January blues

It’s still cold outside

There’s snow on the ground

So I try to hide

On the merry-go-round

Get lost on another tilt-a-whirl

Lost little boy

Lost little girl

Broke my new toy

No money to buy a new one

My favorite gift

Is dead and gone

No stairs and an out of service lift

Stuck at the bottom looking up

Stuck at the top looking down

Half empty cups

Are the only cups around

Words no longer mean much

Don’t want to talk

Don’t want to stay in touch

So let me walk

I’ve grown tired of running

Want to sleep want to snooze

I saw them coming

I’ve got the January blues