Reflection has always been important to me as long as you don’t lose yourself in the past. The past year has given me more time to reflect than usual, I normally like to keep myself too busy living but in the midst of that living I’ve had ups and I’ve had my fair share of downs, some easier to forget than others and some I’d like to forget easier than others but the truth remains. It was that truth that got me arranging the words that became Both Sides of the Coin.


Sweeping winds and falling rain

Cloudless skies and beating sun

Been filled with misery and sadness

Overwhelmed with so much joy and fun

Ate lobster at the finest of restaurants

Survived on the dollar menu at taco bell

Bought all I could afford to buy

Sold more than I cared to sell

Wasted hours watching a television show

Saw countless sunsets when I didn’t own a T.V. at all

Sat still reading a book in the park

Got out of breath throwing a football

Been drunk on the shittiest of bourbon

Got drunk on a two hundred dollar malt

Taken the blame while being innocent

Left blameless when it was all my fault

Proud of being a lone wolf

Found a new club full of people to join

Two sides to a story

I’ve seen both sides of the coin

Walked along a crowded beach

Swam into a deserted ocean’s waves

Seen darkness in the lightest of fields

Walked blindly into the depths of a cave

Never saw the Stones play live

But I’ve seen Dylan, Ramblin’ Jack and Prine

I’ve zig zagged all over the place

And I’ve walked the line

I’ve been alone and I’ve been in love

Had my heart broken and broken hearts

I’ve seen some era’s end

Watched a few decades start

My calendar has been empty

And my calendar’s been full

Been dragged through broken glass

An’ I been wrapped in cotton wool

From Los Angeles to New York City

From Denver to Des Moines

Don’t know where I’ve been

But I’ve seen both sides of the coin