We are constantly making decisions big or small, you made a decision to read these very words and I made the decision to write them. That may be a good or bad decision pending on who you are but often there’s no real way of knowing if you’re making a good decision or not, especially if you’re trying something new and have no idea of the possible consequences. Well, I’ve been thinking and I’ve done plenty of thinking before, sometimes such thinking has led me to moments of clarity or satisfaction and sometimes those very thoughts have led me directly into the pits of hell. I suppose I’ve done some thinking about thinking lately. In the midst of such thoughts my pen began to write and I put together the following poem. I had the thought then made the decision to call it, Murdered by the Thoughts in my own Head.


Kentucky Bourbon and Marlboro Reds

Cowboy killers doing what they said

I’m no cowboy but I’m sure to end up dead

If whiskey don’t kill me

I’ll be murdered by the thoughts in my own head

Looking for all I could find

Her eyes were nothing but loving and kind

Want to see it all and make myself blind

If she doesn’t kill me

I’’l be murdered by the thoughts in my own mind

One station with another cancelled train

Waiting patiently in the summer’s sun and the winter’s rain

A country road with no express lane

If this town doesn’t kill me

I’ll be murdered by the thoughts in my own brain