Maybe at one point I thought I knew better than I did. Now I’m skeptical of what I know. Opinions change and ideas alter, we learn as we grow I suppose. Sometimes the lessons we learn can make us better, sometimes worse and sometimes the lesson we learned wasn’t a lesson after all. I’ve said sorry more than I care too and I’ve probably not said it at all when it needed to be said the most, but no matter how hopeless I can be I’d like to think I’ve always done the best I can with whatever it is I’ve had.


I don’t know better

Never thought I did

I was only talking shit

Like some lost little kid

Didn’t mean for you to listen

To anything I ever said

But you ate it all up

Every word you were ever fed

Should have known better

To be so reckless

I was irresponsible

But you were feckless

You weren’t supposed to listen

At least not take it to heart

Now this new beginning

Only waits for the end to start

I swear I didn’t know better

Only ever tried to be true

Thought I knew what love was

Before you’d be saying “I love you too”

Why did you listen?

When I tried to speak so freely

Before I had time to think

What those words meant really

I don’t know better

Don’t think I ever will

I’m nothing but a frantic movement

Trying to lay still