People create bonds when life throws them together. Sometimes people are thrown together over something mundane like a shared job, sometimes over a passion like a love of music, sometimes something shitty like a familiar injustice and sometimes something beautiful like a shared love. This is a poem I wrote about two people being brought together.


Her jet black hair

Bangs in her eyes

Knew she was there

But I didn’t realize

How hard she tried

For her suffering not to ensue

She was trying to hide

By standing completely in view

Wanted to hold her tight

But didn’t want to rush

It was the dead of night

That no longer meant much

She kissed my cheek

Said she understood

We played hide and seek

With our words of bad and good

A tear ran down her face

I wiped the tear away

We talked of some far off place

And an ill-forgotten day

Smoke filled the air

From our lit cigarettes

We spoke on how we cared

About each of our regrets

He was her lover he gave her a ring

He was my best friend

But he was her everything

We loved him till the very end

And then we loved him some more

We both broke down

Behind another closed door

With no-one else around

Our friends would start to talk

But they didn’t know our pain

Just another road with a fork

Nothing stays the same

Our feelings tangled into knots

In each other we could confide

His memory is all we’ve got

Since his tragic suicide