The following is a particularly cheery poem called When I’m Dead.I don’t try to be deliberately morbid but few things in life are certain and death is inevitable. So often we leave our kind words and emotional outpours to be spoken at a funeral, but in life we leave so much left unsaid. Maybe we should share our feelings and express our love more daily, or maybe it’s easier when no-one can answer back.


When I’m dead

I wonder what they’ll say

Did I live in the moment

Or did I throw it away

WiIl I be forgotten

Or will they remember my name

I’m thinking about friends

Not considering fame

Is there anyone at my funeral

Or just a whole bunch of space

Am I a misery

Or a smiling face

Are lies needed

Or is the truth adequate to relay

Is anyone mourning

Or do they feel okay

Did I grow old

Or die feeling brand new

Do ignored words

Suddenly hold some volume

Is it dark

After my extinguished light

Am I in your vision

Or am I out of sight

Well I did what I could

My life was never dull

I may have felt empty

But my goddamn life was full