About ramblingpirate

The Rambling Pirate was born on the streets of Los Angeles from the mind of Steven Evetts late one night after the discovery of Mezcal. Steven was actually born and raised in Middlesbrough, he moved to Los Angeles when he was eighteen years old and his suitcase has been his friend ever since. “The rent was high in the city, so I got used to sleeping on floors and couches, there was a period where I woke up some place different every night for a month or so in a row. I’d lived in L.A. for about a year and some change, but I didn’t get to truly know the city till I was surfing couches and walking up in different neighborhoods every day. That way of living can wear on a person but I look back fondly on that time now… I suppose, I’m a creature of habit so I don’t like staying in one place long enough to let any habit take over. I don’t know, it’s funny that I’m called The Rambling Pirate because I don’t like traveling I just like being in new places, the traveling is just something you have to do to make that possible, I mean, I enjoy trains because you get to see a bunch of shit but I fucking hate flying but I’ll do it, especially if it takes me some place new.” Notes of a Rambling Man was Steven’s first publication in which he blends poetry and storytelling. Which was followed up by his new release, Good News for the Bad News Blues which is a message of hope for the hopeless and a tale of hopelessness for the hopeful. Once again his poems tell stories and his writing continues to be raw, reflective, personal, painful and humorous. His poetry can be both simplistic yet thought provoking, complex but clear and it can provoke tears and laughter. The Rambling Pirate has been described as a folk punk poet, fusing the storytelling nature of folk music with the attitude of punk. “I’m not trying to be anybody else, I have my own voice and I just try to express whatever that is authentically. It would seem disingenuous to make everything seem so perfect and pretty when I find beauty in imperfection. I also have my ideas but I’m not trying to preach to anyone, I hate being preached at so I’d hate to do that to someone else, y’know? Some poems I guess are clearer than others because I don’t want to be misinterpreted but some poems are just for you to figure out whatever it means to you and hopefully there’s no wrong answer, then I’ve done my job. Everything I write holds some meaning to me but I like that meaning to be changeable, I just like words, some words rhyme and some words don’t, I use them all with zero discrimination.”
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