Good News for the Bad News Blues


A collection of over 100 poems by The Rambling Pirate.



Storytelling poet Steven Evetts has never shied away from sharing his deepest and most personal thoughts and Good News for the Bad News Blues is no exception as he contemplates the reality we inhabit but the message is clear ‘everything is okay, in a not okay, sort of way.’

Good News for the Bad News Blues is a collection of poems which vary from tragedy to comedy, written in his typically unique style of open form poetry with a gift for telling stories and playing with words to create an enthralling piece of work which takes the reader on a journey through his mind with a backdrop prominently centered around Americana. The collection is raw, honest, thought-provoking and witty. 

Steven Evetts also known as The Rambling Pirate uses his storytelling and dry wit to address a diverse plethora of topics throughout this collection which explores life, death, love, loss, cults, racism, violence and much more… The simplicity of some of the words are only matched by the complexity of their meaning.

“I like the idea that anyone can pick up one of my books and have some idea of what I’m talking about. I’m not trying to sound smart, I’m just interested in sharing stories and thoughts in interesting ways which are open to the interpretation of whoever is reading them. To write complicated words for the sake of it seems a little braggadocio to me.” Steven Evetts